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    St. Mary’s is a Catholic School located next to St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church in...

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  • St. Mary's Parish

    St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception is the Roman Catholic sponsor parish for St. Mary's School...

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  • Diocese of Kalamazoo, Alliance of Catholic Schools

    St. Mary's school district is the Diocese of Kalamazoo, headed by Bishop Paul Bradley.  For more...

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  • We Are A Family at St. Mary's School

    Because we are a small school, we are family.     SCHWAN'S CAMPAIGN ...

  • Why We Selected St. Mary's School for our Daughter

    A father of one of our students explains why he and his wife sent their daughter to St. Mary's...

St. Mary's Leaps and Bounds Preschool staff is committed to providing a nurturing, secure, Catholic educational setting for young children.  In a safe, age-appropriate and engaging environment, children learn and explore as they experience their world and its challenges.  Our programs encourage the development of each child's unique potential.  The program enhances physical, emotional, social, creative, and intellectual growth.  Staff, children, and families learn to value diversity and to foster individuality, self-confidence, love of learning, and respect for themselves and others.

 The Preschool curriculum is based on the State of Michigan's Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-K through 2nd Grade.  

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School News

All School Round Up March 30, 2017 Be Our Guest! FREE Spaghetti Dinner and Information Session Wednesday, April 12th...
Emergency Drills March 30, 2017   Aug. 29, 2017       9:00 a.m.     Fire Drill Sept. 8, 2017        8:30...


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